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The Albert-Kahn Departmental collections, museum and garden, in the EFG1914 project


The Albert Kahn museum presents the work of the philanthropist banker who lived between 1860 and 1940.  Albert Kahn was driven by a dream of universal peace.  He was convinced that knowledge of foreign cultures would foster respect and peaceful relations between peoples.  He also understood very early on that his era would witness a rapid transformation in society and the disappearance of traditional lifestyles.  He therefore set about creating the Archives of the Planet, an inventory of the world in images, which makes up the core of the museum's collections (4,000 stereoscopic plates, 72,000 autochrome plates and 100 hours of films from the 52 countries visited).

He was able to take advantage of two recent inventions by the Lumière brothers, the cinematograph (1895) and the autochrome process (1907).  Between 1909 and 1931, Albert Kahn financed photographic and film campaigns in over fifty countries.  The First World War collection represents several thousand autochrome plates and more than a thousand filmed sequences.

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